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Name: Never gives it out
Mutant Name: Grimm
Age: N/A
Allegiance: Unknown

Baking Lessons | Grimm and AntheaGrimm told the girl...

Grimm was confused for the most part, staring down at the bowl as he continued to do as she said and timing it all in his mind as if he had a clock built into his mind that ticked constantly. He just nodded his head, furrowing his brows and looking over at Anthea. He never heard her talk about her family nor did he hear about anything other than her day and the other mutants she knew around the Brotherhood. It was a curious thing and he almost was tempted to pester her about it, though he wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

"…Anthea, why don’t you mention your family?" He asked curiously, staring back down into the bowl as he stirred. "Or is this a topic you would rather not talk about for today?" 

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Baking Lessons | Grimm and Anthea

Grimm told the girl what he was and yet she had no problem with it what so ever. It was shocking and yet refreshing at the same time to know she was alright with it, and now that he was done with who was needed to be reaped around the area he was free to do as he wished. Usually that meant going back to the shadows, but as of lately he stayed in this human form and spent his time with Anthea. He took care of her and made sure she was doing fine, after all, she was broken because of him and it was only right that he be the one to put her back together again. 

He saw her door, the claw marks from the cat still being there as he opened it and stared over at the red head. It seemed she already had plans of what to do with him when he was done with his work and seeing as it was going to be something messy he took off his blazer and draped it over a chair, undoing the cuffs of his shirt to roll up the sleeves to his elbows. “I guess you are planning on baking today.” He said, moving closer to her to stare down at her and then over at the many things she had spread out on the counter.

"I suppose this is something you have planned for both of us." 

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Death Becomes Him

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