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Name: Never gives it out
Mutant Name: Grimm
Age: N/A
Allegiance: Unknown

Old Friends || Azazel & Grimm

"I believe you’ve seen me many times in my true form, all is fair." Grimm replied, seeing how the man jumped down and his eyes went to the dead body. It was only natural to him to know who the person was, he had to know, it was apart of his job and he couldn’t block out the names in his mind. He only learned how to ignore them when he knew another lower-class reaper could handle the ordeal on their own without an issue. "Jonathan Harker, he died from fatty tissue in his vein from his smoking habit." 

Grimm didn’t understand how it was so simple to say the words, but it was and his eyes moved over to look at the Devil and offer a fake smile, it only seemed to be genuine when he was around Anthea. “I have been taking this form and using it a bit. I found a place called The Brotherhood and it seems they are quite the entertaining bunch. Unfortunately they lack some of the basic knowledge of how to handle themselves without being targeted when they don’t have their leader around to help them.”

Grimm tilted his head curiously at the other. “What have you been up to? I could only imagine what troubles you cause.” 

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Death Becomes Him

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