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Name: Never gives it out
Mutant Name: Grimm
Age: N/A
Allegiance: Unknown

For the Brotherhood: illbringyouback: Grimm just stared at her, shaking his head and...

Grimm just nodded his head, giving a raised brow at her when she seemed so confident in her own health. Yeah, he was sure she could limp just fine around her place but to actually walk and run like her old self, that was going to take some time. It was almost like it was fate telling him he had to stick around with her so she would be fixed. She had to have those holes filled where the others that took care of her left and the fact that her ankle was just as useful as a limp noodle. 

"Don’t be stupid, don’t do that." He said sternly, only to shake his head and rub his temples when the girl went on both of her feet to try to walk. Seeing her wince as his eyes darted straight for her foot and sighed. "…Anthea, I do not have the patience for you to lie." He said with a small growl hidden behind his voice as he scooped her back up in his arms and put her back in the bed, putting her foot up to wave a finger at her.

"Stop that. You need to have it up and if it means I sponge bathe you while you’re in a swim suit then so be it. Do not try to walk on it." He said, standing up straight and sighing out. "Alright, so what do you want…" 

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Death Becomes Him

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